Cyberpunk 2077 on an RTX 3080 Super and Intel I9 9900K – Great Performance Without 30 Series GPU!

Hello and welcome to the vid! Cyberpunk 2077 is officially here! One of the biggest issues of contention since launch has been the game’s performance across all platforms and across all different types of PCs.

I got my RTX 3080 Super GPU earlier this year, so when the 30 series came out, I was in no hurry to get one. I’ve been very happy with my 3080, and the Intel I9 9900K I got to go with it will hopefully last me many more years.

With 30 series GPUs being so sought after and scarce at the moment, I’m sure lots of people out there are curious how this game runs on the 20 series of GPUs. I hope this video can give some insight in to that.

Since I did not have an FPS counter in the video (I know it would have helped, sorry about that), I went ahead and recreated the approximate circumstances in the video and recorded my average FPS in the time stamps below. Hope this helps!

1:40 Ultra ray tracing, DLSS off: 18-20 FPS
2:03 Ultra ray tracing, DLSS performance: 42-44 FPS
2:26 Ultra ray tracing, DLSS ultra performance: 50-52 FPS
2:54 No ray tracing, DLSS performance: 104-110 FPS (for this one I turned off the frame rate limit just to see how high it would go)
4:08 Medium ray tracing, DLSS performance, combat scenario: 48-54 FPS

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This is an unofficial fan work and is not approved/endorsed by CD PROJEKT RED.

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