Cyberpunk 2077 4K UHD Ray Tracing – RTX 2080Ti Benchmark & Testing

So just got the game ofcourse I have to test this badboy of a game out.
It looks fantastic but is heavy to run for sure. But Ultra All basicly incl Ray Tracing set to Ultra but DLSS set to balanced its pretty much playable and looks great. I did turn off Ray Traced shadows cause frankly I care more about the enviroment lighting and reflections that I do shadows. But regular shadows looks good enough so. Good or bad what you think?

System drive regular SSD
Scratch disk on Samsung Evo SSD
Star Citizen on m.2 NVME
Intel i7 6800K at 4.0-4.1GHz on all cores
Asus Strix ROG gaming X99 MB
RAM 32GB of 3200MHz in Quad Channel
Nvidia RTX 2080Ti Watercooled

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